Weird Things You Hate While At The Supermarket

4You will not believe some of the awkward things people have to go to while in a supermarket. A supermarket is a place where people from all works of life meet to replenish their house supplies. This is a place you meet some of the weirdest people you will ever come across. This is a place where some of most embarrassing things happen to you. The supermarket might also be a place where you have moments to remember. Am sure there are couples who first mate at the supermarket. You truly don’t know what happened but you remember noticing her and instantly falling in love with her. Maybe she was next in line and you just had to say “Hi” or she was lost and you just had to be the Good Samaritan and show her direction. Those are some of the great love stories that happen in the supermarket.

Imagine you have just bought a box of condoms and on reaching the cashier you find that there is a long line of elderly people. That is when you start sweating and wish you had not come her at the first place. Am sure everyone is looking at you and you are embarrassed that everyone will figure out that you are planning to have sex. If that is not enough on reaching the cashier, she looks at you with those motherly eyes that make you feel like something you doing is wrong. Another instance that you might run away while at the supermarket is when your girlfriend sends you to buy tampons and out of nowhere your crew appears, making you feel stupid and weird. You have nowhere to run as you have been caught on the act and you are sure as hell they will make fun on you for months to come.

Interesting POV About The Best Football Player


The argument of who is the best footballer in the world right now is a hard one to settle. Everyone has their opinion when it comes to football but surely there is one who is being fancied by most people. I will not be biased by saying that I respect every football and believe each one of them has a very important component to add to the table. This season we have had some of the best players play at the highest level. In each league we have had a standout player who was very important to his team accomplishing something. Unlike the previous years where we had Ronaldo and Messi grab the headlines we have seen an emergence of new talent that has been both captivating and amazing to watch.

We have been able to see players out of this world showcase their abilities on another level. In the English premier league we have had teams perceived as underdogs threaten the big dogs and had big teams beaten by the so called small teams. One of the standouts player here was the lads from Leicester City which include the likes of Jamie Vardy and Co. Coming to the La liga, this is where all the top crop of players were able to shine. Am sure one of these players will win an accolade for the brilliant season they had come end of the year. We have the likes of Ronaldo and his arch enemy Messi, Neymar and Suarez. Those are the most complete players of all times this year and am sure we can expect many more come next season. The debate of the best player in the world will never be complete as long as these amazing players continue playing like they did last season.

Rap Music, Where Too?


What is it with rappers and their bullshit lyrics? You are in your car with your wife and kids and suddenly you here some weird lyrics blaring off the speakers of your radio. Your kid is singing along to the song but he definitely has no idea what he is singing about. Rappers are one of the most mysterious people in the world. Nearly all rappers relate to a life of crime or a life of money. I tend to wonder if some of these rappers write their songs while high. You are listening to a song and you can barely understand a word from beginning to end. My high school teacher used to tell me that music is sound that is pleasant to the ear I tend to wonder how whatever we listen to on the ratio is music or total rubbish

Is it that everyone wants to be a singer or people are just poor at what they do? I once listened to a song that had only three sentences. Come on people are you retarded or just lazy. Some of the songs sound half produced. You might be listening to a song and wondering what the hell that guy was thinking while writing song.

All rappers think about nowadays is weed money and the sex. The rappers try to show a life that they themselves cannot afford. You claim to be living in a mansion but you are still living with your parents. It is time for you rappers to be real and right something that we can relate to and not just sing along. You should all hit the studios and produce songs that will be sung for generations to come not just a few days in the club.

Imagine Having The Life Of A Football Player


Nothing fascinates me more than the life of a footballer. These are superstars who make one hell of a living from playing football. These guys are dedicated sportsmen and make millions of pounds monthly. Football is a skill that needs to be nurtured and starts at a very early stage. For you to be a better footballer you need to put in a lot of hard work and dedication to what you do. You see most of the football players we have around come from humble backgrounds but nothing was going to stop them from having their dreams come true.

Let has have a glimpse of Cristiano Ronaldo who is a legend and one of the finest examples of hard work. This is a guy who came up from humble beginnings and was not going to let anyone define his journey. He says where he is today is all do to hard work and being persistent knowing that one day his dream would come true. Ronaldo is now one of the richest players in the world and has one of the lifestyles anyone can dream of. The problem with kids of our generation they think that everything comes easy, No it doesn’t. For you to succeed and become a world class football you have to be focused and sharpen your skills.

Many kids look up to these football players for inspiration and believe one day that their dreams will come true. We all need to learn a few lessons from some of the greatest players who have put their whole into making sure that we enjoy football for the awesome game it is. I know you dream of becoming rich one and play for a top class team, for that come true make sure you stay focused.

Society Patterns, Are They Good Or Bad?


It is funny how nowadays celebrities are known for all the reasons. We are living in a generation where no one stands for anything. The main purpose of celebrities is to show the society the better way of living and inspire the future generation. All we have now is celebrities who get known for the wrong reasons. Gone are the days when we used to see people who inspired the generation and did things that really matter. All you have to do to be a celeb nowadays is to take a naked pic post it on instagram or insult someone. I feel like our celebrities are failing us as they get involved in scandals that leave people with bad taste in their mouth.

I know of the pressure that comes with being a celebrity but one thing you should always remember is to always set a good example to those who are watching you. We are living at a time and age where everyone has access to the internet and have cameras on their phone. It is therefore very eassy to spread information as it happens. The world is confuses with who the real heroes in the society are. We applaud the wrong people and wonder why our generation is rotten. We need to change how we influence the youth. Let us take for instance Kim Kardashian, no doubt that woman is beautiful but how does she influence the youth? Some see her as role model but what she does is contrary to what a role model is supposed to do. We should get read of role models who take naked pictures and show their naked bodies for everyone to see. We should have the new Malcolm X around us and someone who can do something that we will be proud off in future.

Way To Pass Over Your Boyfriend Addiction To Football


9Football is a girl’s worst nightmare. Okay I am talking about the game that people use their feet to kick the ball around and not the other one where people use hands and run with the ball. Just wondering who decided to name that game where people wear helmets as football. Americans are funny at times as they gave the wrong game the wrong game. So today I want to talk about soccer as they call it in most parts of the USA. If you have a guy who loves football am sure you have had to wait up at night as your boyfriend goes out with the boys to watch a game. You are lucky that most of seasons are over right now but when the games come back, you won’t be seeing your boyfriend that much,

Many girls curse this game called soccer as it brings families apart. Some men will rather go watch a game with pals than take their wives complaining; when it comes to soccer some women come second to their men. You will find men who love their soccer more than their children. How hard can it be for a man to forget her girlfriend’s birthday but remember all the players playing in the pitch? Some of the women at home wish that football should be banned. We have those diehard fans that will never miss going to the pitch just to watch the game while leaving nothing at home. Honestly am a soccer fan but its best for men to have their priorities right. We should know what to give our utmost attention and not get lost in the world of soccer. Let us give our wives the time they need since they need us more than we need soccer.

Neighbors 2 Movie Review


If you are a movie lover am sure you wondering which is the best movie for 2016? So many movies have been shot these years and most of them have not lived to their billing. I had a chance to watch Seth Rogen and Zac Efron do a bad job in Neighbours 2 and I can say that the movie was a big disaster. First of all the story was just lame and did not make any sense to me. For those of you who haven’t watched this movie it is about a couple who want to sell their house but the real estate agent decides to encrow the house giving them 30 days before they got paid for selling their house. Seth Rogen together with his wide are shocked about the time period since they really need the money in order to get into the new house.

If that wasn’t lame enough Zac Efron decides to help a group of young girls start their own sorority house right next door to where Seth Rogen and his wife live. The movie turns from bad to worse as Seth Rogen has a fight with the sorority girls. They compete in crappy things like selling weed and so many other lame things. If you have not watched this movie I advise you not to watch it please since it is full of crap and you will probably chock yourself once you start watching the movie. It is one of those movies that will get you cursing at your screen whole day. Although Zac Efron and Seth Rogen are world renowned actors I find this movie to be both lame and has no plot development. It is just a movie that comprised well renowned actors who decided to act a shitty movie.

Dirty Grandpa Movie Review


Speaking of shitty movies am sure most of you have watched Dirty Grandpa. It is a movie that has a lot of humor but on a negative side full of bullshit. I watched the movie and wondered why Zac Efron decided to act such a clueless. This guy has been known for some good movies but Dirty Grandpa is one of the lamest movies of all time. The story is set around Zac Efron and his grandfather. It is one of those cliché movies that starts with Zac’s granddad losing his wife and decides to go on a road trip with his grandson. This old man seems cool but to me he is just racist and has a lot of boring jokes.

Before they set out for the journey Zac finds his grandfather masturbating to porn. I know it is stupid but that is not the end of the stupidity. Zac is supposed to be marrying her fiancé but his grand dad is convinced that she is not the girl for him. As they travel the country Zac meets one of his college friends who they instantly have a connection. They go to parties and have a wild time drinking alcohol and smoking some weed. Zac is a lawyer but as he was growing up he always dreamt of being a photographer. As obvious as it may seem Zac falls in love with friend she meets on the trip. It is so lame that by the time you start watching it you can predict what will happen next. Zac together with the help of his granddad breaks off the marriage and ends up running with the girl he met. It is surely a boring movie which am sure the directors would have done a better job to make it more interesting.

Here’s Something For The Married Men


You know how life goes so fast and one is left wondering what went wrong. You have been lost in the trance and soon life is catching up on you. You are just sited on your couch and remember of all the dreams you had as a kid. You tend to think about of what happened to your childhood friends. It is now that you remember one of your friends who used to bully all the kids in the block and everyone ran in fear whenever they saw him. You wondered why you have never gotten your dream job and you are still holding to your first job which still pays you peanuts. Growing up you wanted to be a doctor. You had a vision of how you would save people and also thought of how you will have helped your parents once you get a job but now everything seems so hard.

You look at your wife and remember all the good times you have had and all the bad things that you have gone through. As you stare through her eyes you remember your first dance and also remember how you thought she was out of your league and suddenly gave in to your advances. How has time gone so fast? It is only the other day that you were hanging out with your pals having a bottle of whiskey but now with the kids around you have no time for your boys. Some of them are not even married and your wife thinks that they will be bad influence. You wonder what happened to your first love but you decide to push that thought away since the thought of her with kids still does not fit well. These are the thoughts that confirm that life fucked you up in one way and you’d go back and change everything.